September 15, 2005

Busy Day!

I was all over the place today. I got up at 5:45am. I got to work at 7:30. I prepared for our meeting with Barn. We had to be there at 10am. The meeting was great! This is going to be a million dollar contract. It is a huge house and we are going to be doing the designs for all the cabinetry, ordering all the cabinetry, supplying and ordering all the granite countertops and appliances, and order and install all the interior doors and jambs. The house is in the permit stage. They are going to break ground in November. We will be ordering all the cabinets in the Spring 2006 and the house should be completed in November 2006. It is going to be a fun project to work on, I just have to make sure that I stay on top of the designs and keep everything on a schedule.
So, after the Barn meeting we went to "senior designer's" house. His wife had picked up their motorhome and drove it home, she needed for him to park it. I worked on revising the Maiz pricing. "Senior designer's" son went and got lunch for least I got lunch!! We had another appointment at another client's house: Sim. We were 10 minutes late. We had to measure a fancy cappuccino maker. It's called a Capresso Impressa Coffee center. It costs $3,199.00.(that does not include tax, shipping or coffee. Here is the website if you want to purchase one for yourself (ha,ha) ... I watched all the videos and it is an awesome machine. We also measured the all in one printer, fax, copy machine for the desk that is in the kitchen. I am putting the printer in a cabinet and it will roll out on a platform. I have to make sure that it will function properly when you roll it out to use it. We also measured a few other little things. This client's current home is really incredible. It feels like a museum. It has white marble floors and mirrors everywhere. There is a ton of art from the 80s, everything is pink, blue and green pastel. Off the entry foyer is a round room of glass block, mirror and marble and there is a white baby grand piano in the middle. There is also this huge statue in the foyer with a fountain. Some people just live in a different world. This client bought a new home, tore it down to its studs and are re-building it how they want. We are providing cabinetry for the kitchen, the butler's pantry, the living room bar and the theater bar. This project is going to be really beautiful when it is done.
After this appointment "senior designer" had a doctor's appointment. Apparently, he has been trying to get rid of a wart on his finger. I parked the car while he ran in quick so they could freeze it again. TMI!! "Senior designer" drives a 1999 Corvette. I drove most of the day. The corvette has been my favorite car since I was a little girl. The only problem with my boss' vette is automatic. Who drives an automatic sports car. I wish it was a stick! That would be awesome. Beggars can't be choosers. I get to drive a corvette sometimes, that is cool.
So, after the doctor appointment we finally headed back to the office. "Senior designer" had yet another appointment. I didn't have to be in this appointment because they were not my clients. Occasionally, I get so busy that I can't take new client meetings. So "senior designer" gets one of the other assistants to go to the appointment with him. If I don't start the job with him, I try to keep the assistant who started the job to keep the job. I can only do so much. I am only one person and I am running about 8 jobs right how. They are in all different phases of the design process. Pricing, ordering, working drawings, project management, crisis management...there is more but I don't feel like going in to all the phases. So, when I get too many jobs going, my "human" side kicks in, my cape rips (you know like as in super hero, who saves the day, has super powers) and I forget, or make mistakes, or forget, or forget. So, I am all for "senior designer" starting new jobs with the other assistants!!!!!!!
I got a little farther on my final revisions for Sim, but 5 o'clock came and I shut down the shop! I was ready to go home. I ran by Big Lots on the way home. My favorite thing right now is Nerds. Yes, the candy. I have developed quite a habit. If I get them from the store next door to work they are 75cents per box. If I go to Big Lots they are only 33cents per box. I only eat 1/2 a box a day. It's just what I'm into right now!! So, I got my nerds and I get home at about 6:15. J & I go get dinner and I can't believe it but it's Survivor time again. J & I have never missed a season of Survivor. It is kinda getting old, but why quit now. Finally, after a long and busy day it is finally sleepy time!! Goodnight!
-Until tomorrow.

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