September 1, 2005

A clean desk makes me happier!!

My desk when I left work today. Posted by Picasa

Worked 10 hours again today. I've got to stop this bad habit. We had a company meeting this morning. All the installers were at the office. Honey almond cream cheese on a sun dried tomato bagel, that's all I remember. I took good notes...I took the only notes. After the morning it was crazy. "Senior" designer was asking me about the airplane hangar vanity doors. I didn't have an answer right away. I looked through my archived notepads and found the delivery date of the missing doors. It was delivered November last year. They were buried in dust in the shop. "Senior" designer was not happy about that part, but he was glad we found them and he gave me kudos for being so organized and keeping such good records. I worked on the revisions for Sim for the rest of the day. I did about 25 other interupting things in between. I only got half of the revisions done. I cleaned my desk before I left. I wanted to feel good about my space before I started work tomorrow. Afterall, tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!!

I got my nails done today. They were so overdue! I love the little butterflies and flowers!

On my way home from the nail salon I saw this...

It's out of control! Posted by Picasa

It's so crazy. When I got home J needed to get gas. We decided to go check on the price of Ethanol. It was $2.49/gallon! Better than $2.99. Tomorrow it will probably be over $3.00 everywhere. One more day and I will be free...3 DAY WEEKEND!!
-Until tomorrow

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