August 31, 2005

Another 10 hour day...

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This is me in my office. This is actually pretty clean for my desk. Usually I am doing about 4 to 5 tasks at one time. It is really hard to keep my desk clean when the "senior" designer is around. I worked from 7-5 again today. My brain checked out at about 4 and by 5 my brain was mush. I worked primarily on two jobs today: Gor & Sim. Sim has lots of details that have to be decided and drawn and then it will be ready for production. With Gor I am waiting on veneer color approvals from the clients before it can go into production. The clients are in Italy and can only communicate by email. Must be nice!! I asked "senior" designer today that since I am putting in so many hours could I take every 3nd Friday off, he said Yes! Wha-hoo!! I know I'm a workaholic and it's really hard to stop. I know I just need to take more time off and just be brainless. I just love my job! There is so much to do and I don't want to get anymore behind that I already am.
When I got home J & I went to Costco to get some gas. It took 30 minutes the lines were so long. We paid $2.79/gallon. It was $2.89 at AMPM and $2.95 at 7-eleven. That is for the lowest grade gas. Needless to say that we won't be going anywhere this weekend. I have a gas guzzler:

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Anyway, after we got gas we had our couples small group. We are in between studies so we had a potluck and games. We had Chicken caesar salad, pasta salad, taco dip, verde enchiladas, and vegetarian lasagne. For dessert we had oreo pie and fruit cobbler. It was so delicious!! After we ate we played Scattagories and Spoons. I stank at both games. I am a stinky game player. It was a lot of fun though! We just got home and I wanted to get a quick post in.
-Until tomorrow.

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