September 28, 2007

What I'm doing right now...

My vocabulary is already growing. Here are the latest words I can say:

  • mouth

  • Elmo (I pronouce it melmo)

  • shoes

  • shadow

  • and the latest word is push (i love to push...buttons, the shower stopper, and the light switch
I am learning how to say Chargers and touchdown right now. I even know to put both arms up when I say touchdown.

I have been testing Mommy alot lately. When she tells me to stop I just keep doing whatever it is she is telling me to stop. It is more fun that way. I have also learned to stomp my foot and say Uhhh. I learned this at daycare. When someone has a reaction to something I do, I know they just want me to keep doing it! Especially if they say stop.

Even though I've been awnry lately, when Mommy & Daddy tell me it's time for night night...I'm ready. Mommy kisses me, lays me down in my crib, she wiggles the elephants fuzzy tail in my ear and says "witty, witty, witty" and we both have a little laugh. Mommy tells me she loves me, Daddy says "Goodnight buddy," they both tell me sweet dreams we'll see you in the morning and the light goes out and I fall instantly asleep. Sometimes I talk a little bit but I'm usually out in a few minutes.

Night, Night

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