September 27, 2007

Day Five...

Today's weight: 162

I'm still hanging in there. I drank my salt water this morning with no problems. I gained a pound. That is weird. Probably the salt water, who knows. My stomach feels uneasy today. Otherwise I am hanging in there.

I felt a lot hungrier today. I think it is because I am thinking about what I am going to prepare this weekend to ease myself back onto eating solid food. My officemate PJ has made food all day that has smelled so good. That has been really hard to deal with. Chica had mexican food so when I opened the door to her office it smelled oh so heavenly. I didn't want to eat that specifically but I was hungry. I am craving vegetable soup so bad!!

I felt good all day, no weakness, no crabbiness, no light-headedness. Nothing. I feel very healthy and clean. I am ready for the weekend! I want to drink something besides lemonade. I am so bored with the taste. It's good don't get me wrong...and no you don't taste the cayenne pepper that much. If you taste it at all it's just a little kick of spice, no big deal. I have read that there are lots of people who put 1/2 to a whole tsp of the cayenne in. Some people like spice. I'm not too big on hot spice!

My lemonade was very maple syrupy today. I'm really sick of maple syrup. Tomorrow I am going to put an oz less of the syrup in. I had all my lemonade drank by the time I got home. Which is best for me. I wasn't tempted of tortured at all by J and Lil'D eating dinner tonight. I fed Lil'D as usual and was completely ok with it. J and I watched Survivor and I did "crave" a snack. I wasn't hungry at all. It was just a habit: watching tv = crunchy snack. BAD HABIT. I drank my tea. I don't like it anymore. I think that is because it is Chocolate flavored. I don't like anything that is Chocolate flavored. I am very picky about my chocolate and this tea ain't my kind of chocolate.

I was ready for bed by 9:30pm. I went to bed content!! I am also sleeping just fine. My body has adjusted to the routine of waking up at 5am. That is when the tea kicks in. I have had no problems sleeping at all.

I sleep like a baby :)

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Kaydee said...

My dad does this lemondae diet about four times a year. He is very disciplined in general so he can make it through. I, on the other hand, have no will power. I tried it a couple of years ago to get into a dress for a ball. I made it about three days, and then I cheated a little after that. You are right about the downfall not being hunger, but habit and craving specific food. You aren't hungry, it's just that you're used to physical act of putting food in your mouth.

You are definetely impressing me with your will power. Good Job!