September 20, 2007

Thankful Thursday...

I am so blessed and thankful for...

  • My husband is well! His cold finally went away on Tuesday!!
  • Lil'D is well! He is still taking antibiotics, but he is feeling 100% better!
  • My Mom booked her flights for her Thanksgiving visit!!! Yeah!! I'm really excited! She is staying for 2 weeks so that we have 2 full weekends together!
  • This wonderful cool weather we are having! After the excruciating heat this is so nice. It was 63 degrees this morning at 7am! It is supposed to rain this weekend also! It sprinkled a little this morning on the drive into work. It should really start pouring tonight! We haven't seen rain since April. I really miss the rain!
  • My boss has been in Cabo for 3 days. He is with one of our clients. We are designing cabinetry for a Hacienda and a Villa. The Hacienda is a 6,000 square foot house (...hacienda, duh:) and the Villa is a 4000 square foot condo right on the beach. A lot of design firms are very slow right now, because not a lot of people are remodeling. This client is really keeping our company going during the slow time. PTL we have plenty of work and I am receiving a paycheck.
  • French Vanilla Cappuccino! I haven't had one in almost 4 weeks. I am splurging today. I am really enjoying it!
  • My hair! I am still so happy with my short haircut. I know it just sounds silly, but ya'll have to understand I have just disliked my hair for a very long time. My hair has always been over-important to me. Don't get me wet, don't touch my hair, blah, blah, blah. I have always been so over conscious about it. Not anymore. I look in the mirror and I think, who is that cute girl? I have never thought that about myself. I used to look in the mirror and think, oh my hair is flat again, look at that stringy mess...not anymore! It took many, many years to get to this point and I know how trivial this sounds, but it has always been so important to have nice, classy, simple hair that just looks kept. Now I do!
  • to just be alive, happy...content with my world!

Hope your week is blessed in many, many ways!


Denise said...

Praise God that your husband and son are both feeling better. I am glad you will get to see your mom at thanksgiving.

Vicki said...

Your thankful heart is such a blessing to me.

Angie said...

It is only when we are sick that we realize the value of our health! Glad you all are on the mend!!! OKAY I am really wishing you would send that 63 degree weather down to Northwest Florida!!! and get rid of these love bugs!!!!
I enjoyed your post! A great list---I need to splurge on some cappaccino myself! (but instead I picked cookies at Walmart tonight!)mmm!
Be blessed :)

eph2810 said...

How neat that you are having a great client who will keep your busy during the slow time :)

Short hair is a cool thing, because it is easy to maintain. That reminds me that I need a trim really bad :)

Oh, two weeks with your mom sound awesome. I know you will have great time together.

Thank you so much for sharing your grateful heart with us this week.

Have a blessed Sunday!