July 1, 2007

Vacation is officially over :(

Lil'D did not let us sleep in this morning. J was such a sweetheart and got up with him and let me sleep. I got out of bed at about 9am. I fed Lil'D his breakfast and put him down for his morning nap at about 9:30. I did absolutely nothing. This was the most relaxing day of my vacation. Lil'D didn't wake up from his nap until 2:30pm. We played and played and played. I decided since Lil'D slept so much today that I wouldn't put him down for his second nap. We went for a ride on the electric scooter that we had rented for Grandma Ham. Lil'D had fun. It was actually cooler outside than it was in the house. We went to the grocery store because we were out of everything. After the grocery store we went over to Auntie E's and gave them the bag of jelly bellys that Grandma & Grandpa Ham got for them. We visited a bit and I had to get Lil'D home because we needed to give him a bath and get him in bed.
I can't believe vacation is already over. Where did it go? J is going back to work tomorrow, but I am staying home because the Pam is taking 2 weeks off. Lil'D is stuck with me until Thursday.
-Until tomorrow

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