June 30, 2007

Day 8...Vacation

J and I decided that we wanted to drive straight home today instead of breaking up the drive home into 2 days. We packed everything up and ate breakfast at McDonald's one last time. After breakfast we drove to Fairfield, California...the home of Jelly Belly. We took the tour of the factory. It was actually pretty cool. The shop was really cool too. They had a free sample bar. I tried cappuccino, 7-up, pickle and sausage. We also bought a bag of various flavors. We had lunch at Jelly Belly before we started our long drive home. I had fun on the drive home trying different jelly belly flavors.
We drove for hours.
We stopped at McDonald's for dinner. Lil'D just kept eating chicken tenders and was a bottomless pit. He finally decided he was done. He slept the rest of the way home.
We got home at 10:30. I gave Lil'D a bottle, but he was too hyper. It's like he took a power nap. I let him play for a while. I could totally tell he was really glad to be home. I finally got him in bed and he was sleep by midnight.
-Until tomorrow

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