July 25, 2007

Everybody else in the kitchen design business is slow except for ME...

So my goal this week is to work the entire week! Five whole days in a row. No more sick Lil'D and no more sick EllieMae! I am a week, almost 2, behind at work. I am only running two jobs. TWO JOBS. One job is a 6,000 sq. ft. custom home. The other is a 4,000 sq. ft. condo in Yellowstone Park in Montana. Both of these jobs are crammed with major cabinetry. I am also doing all the electrical and drywall details. It feels like it is never ending. Not only am I project managing the jobsite details I am ordering ALL the cabinetry. That is really hard to juggle when the jobs are that big. I'm used to managing the kitchen remodel and maybe a bath or two or an entertainment center. Both of these projects include every cabinet in the whole house.

I spent the entire day yesterday at the Barn job, which is the 6,000 sq. ft. house. I verified 22 rough openings for all the custom interior doors we are manufacturing at the moment. A few of them are about an 1/8" to 1/4" off. Lovely... The lighting contractors were on site putting cans in the kitchen. Of course the plans they have do not have the revised soffit plan. We had get measurements on what they have installed so far and make sure it works with the new plans.

There has been a wall missing in order for me to finish up the design for the bar and to get it ordered. I measured this area because the framing is complete on this area FINALLY! I did the same thing for the living room entertainment center that has been completed as well! The framers will be done on Friday. Next step is drywall.

We met with the client for an hour or so. We went over things like strip lighting in his office and master bedroom entertainment center display shelving, tile installation and layout and he added 2 walls of cabinetry in the gym that were not on the original contract. We also went over the details for the wine cooler. This piece is an amazing piece. We build a cabinet with racks for storing wine, we hook up a refrigerator compressor to it and its like a custom refrigerator for wine. It is awesome. The front of the cabinet is bowed out (the glass is bowed as well) and the top is arched. It is really a neat piece. My boss is an amazing designer, considering some of the designs he comes up with. He does not know the words can't do that. He can do anything.

Here is a photo of the wine cooler that we installed in another client's home:

When you open the doors fresh cool air hits you in the face.

I am also picking up and taking home "senior" designer everyday. He told me today he was going to reimburse me for going out of my way to pick and drop him off.

So that is my crazy life right now. and everybody else in the kitchen business has hardly any business. Praise God for my job!!!
-Until tomorrow

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