July 29, 2007

My name is, My name is...

...not really EllieMae.
When I first started blogging I decided not to use my real name. I was unsure of putting it out there on the web. So, the first name that came to mind was EllieMae.

My husband gave me this nickname a couple of days after he met me. We were in Texas (my home state) and I had a twang back then. He called me Ellie "huh" Mae because I was always saying "huh?". He was also referring to Ellie May Clampett. So, EllieMae stuck. I had to play with different spellings because for some reason I couldn't get Ellie May. So that's how I got to be ELLIEMAE.

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Indiana Amy said...

That's funny. My dog's name is Ellie Mae and we call her Ellie Mae Clampett all the time. People keep telling us we need to get a Jed. :)