July 28, 2007

Harry Potter!!

I have had no time to blog about Harry Potter. I have been in Harry's world the entire week. So here is what I have to say about it:

I bought the book at about 3pm on Saturday, July 21st, which was my Mom's birthday. I had been sick for 3 days with strep throat and this was my first fun outing since. I started reading it on Saturday night after Lil'D went to bed. I read alot on Sunday too. This week I have worked all day looking forward to my reading time from 7:30pm-9:30pm after Lil'D goes to bed. I finally finished it on Thursday night at about 9:15.

After the last word I was happy, yet somewhat unsatisfied. I can't believe that it is over. I wanted so much more! Don't get me wrong. I really loved the book. I just want more Harry Potter. I have heard a rumor at work about her possibly working on an encyclopedia that would expand on ALL the characters. I haven't researched this rumor at all, but it sure sounds fun!

I also found this fun meme over at A Peek at My Bookshelf, go check it out. I have missed all the questions so I have put all the answers so far in this post. Have fun.

Question One:

How did you discover Harry Potter, and where were you when Book 7 was released??

I discovered Harry Potter right before Book 5 was being released. My niece Andy was telling me all about it and I borrowed her books one by one and caught up.I was at home sick with strep throat the night that Book 7 was released. I was really bummed because I know my friend Kaydee was at a book release party and I would have so loved to have been with her!

Question Two:

Jo Rowling has created a most magical place for us to journey through. Of all the places she describes in the Harry Potter novels, which is the one you'd most like to visit?

I would like to visit Grimmauld Place. The new movie Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix really made the visual of this place more real. The doorway is tucked inside and the only way to get in is to stretch the building out. Very cool. The inside would just be so much fun to explore. The portrait of Sirius' mother would not be fun at all though. It's really noisy.

I would also like to visit The Burrow. The Weasley's home just sounds like it is loaded with all kinds of neat stuff to check out. Mrs. Weasley would just be such a wonderful hostess!

And the Hogwarts Castle itself holds a lot inside its walls...what do you love most about the castle??

The moving staircases and the way the Great Hall can just transform.

Question Three:

So, let's chat about our favorite magical creatures, shall we?? Feel free to name more than one. And while we're at it, which animal would YOU have brought to Hogwarts??

Hedwig is my favorite by far. I would love to have an owl that delivers letters and packages to me!

Question Four:

So, which teacher would you most like to have, and which classes would you like to have on your course schedule? I'm bending the rules on this one...teacher and class don't have to match from the stories...we can play mix and match!!

I would like to have Professor McGonagall as a teacher. I like her. As for classes, charms or potions sounds fun I guess.

Question Five:

What is it about Harry that has such a hold on us? What is it about the series that appeals like no other? There are more detailed, more intricately woven, more authentic series out there...but none like Harry Potter...why?

I think in our everyday worlds there is so much stress of all the things we have to do and then we are dealing with all the currents events that are going on in the world. We are intrigued by Harry Potter because it is fantasy. It starts out as a child"s world. It is creative and imaginative and takes us to a place we love to imagine ourselves being in. The steam train that takes the children to Hogwarts. The beautiful Hogwarts castle. The idea of having a wand. All those things take us away from the "real" world and allow our imaginations to soar.

Second of all, favorite scenes from the books?? Come on, I know you have some! But please, no spoilers just yet!! Some are still reading, poor souls:-) LOL!!

In the first book, The Sorcerer's Stone, I loved it when Hagrid arrived in the middle of no where and told Harry he was a wizard and that took him to Diagon Alley. I also loved it when he realized he had all that gold. I'm have tons more favorites, but those where the first to come to mind.

Question Six:

You knew this one was coming--favorite characters....one good, one not so good. Who is in your Harry Potter hall of fame, and hall of shame??

My favorite Harry Potter character is Hermione. I, of course, like Harry and Ron but she is by far my favorite. I love how smart she is, I just love the character she has grown into. I love everything thing about her and everything she did in the moment. Love her and Ron together to!!!!

I didn't like Dobby at all, AT ALL, until the last book. He was really kind of annoying and stressed me out. Loved Dobby in the last book though.

My favorite not so good guy was Snape. He made me crazy being so hard on Harry and not being able to figure out whether he was loyal or not.

There, I'm all caught up on these questions. Can't wait to see what is discussed next week!

-Until tomorrow


Deena said...

See if you can catch Dateline Sunday tomorrow night...Jo is answering tons of questions concerning the last book and the future of the Potter Universe! Thanks for playing along...makes it more fun having you along!

Kaydee said...

I am so glad that someone else besides me is done, so I can finally talk about the book. I finished on Monday night. There were two other people at my work who were in the middle of it so I couldn't talk to anyone. It was killing me!

I too am diasppointed that it is over. Also, I was not bowled over by the epilogue. It is not the best. I guess it was ok, but not as good as it could have been.


I didn't cry at all when Moddy or Dobby died, though I have to admit I did get a little choked up when they buried him and Ron silenty took off his socks and shoes and put it on him, so he was buried with Harry's jacket, Ron's socks and shoes, and Dean's hat. That was beautiful. Also, I did really cry (I know, I'm such a sap!) when the battle was really getting going and Harry thought that it was almost over for the good guys and then you see all the people that come to Hogwarts to fight. The part that got me was when Kreacher and all the house elves were there ready to fight, with their pots and pans and kitchen knives. It was such a scene of fighting for good just because it is the right thing to do. Contrast that with the attitude of the goblin (Griphok (sp?)) whose life was saved and nursed back to health, but still he was selfish and in it for himself and goblin efforts. He couldn't see past the past and see that it would be distasterous for all magical folk if Lord V and the Death Eaters won.

Regarding Snape: I wanted him to be good just for the sake of my view of Dumbeldore. As it turned out, he was only slightly good, and only in the aspect of keeping his word to Dumbeldore. Oh well.

I have so much more to say about this, but I don't want to take up too much your space on your blog. I will talk to you more later if you want (for as long as you want, cuz believe me, I could go on for a long time!)