July 3, 2007

Tuesday vacation

Lil'D keeps sleeping till 9am. He is catching up on all the sleep he lost on vacation. I took him to his one year well visit at the doctor. He is very healthy. I got the low down on making the milk transition, brushing his teeth and he got 3 immunization shots. He was such a brave little boy. He cried for about 20 seconds and then forgot about it. He got Bugs Bunny bandaids. I took him home, fed him and put him down for a nap. He cried for a bit, but finally gave in to the sleep. I woke him up at 1:30 and took him to my work. I wanted to show him off. He had a great time and so did everyone else. He is such a little Ham. Everyone loved him, of course! I got back home and put him down for a short nap. We went to J's softball game, Costco and the grocery store. We bought whole milk. When we put Lil'D down for the night. He screamed again. J went in to sooth him and worked some magic. He went to sleep. Yeah. J and I watched some tv. J said he was going to stay up till 2am, because he could. Yeah, right. He is sleep on the couch as I am typing this. I need to go to bed so that I am not tired tomorrow, my last day of vacation.
-Until tomorrow

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