July 23, 2007

I am back in the land of the living...

I am so glad to be feeling better. I got STREP THROAT. Can you believe it?
I started feeling bad on Tuesday night. I got a fever and couldn't sleep well all through the night. I really thought I could just push myself and make myself work.
I had to go to work. HAD TO GO. I had already missed last Friday (due to Lil'D's roseolla) and then I had missed Monday (due to taking Lil'D to the ER(long story-not going there)) I had to work so that I would have a decent paycheck.
So I made it till 4pm. I was so careful as to keeping my hands clean and not breathing on anyone. I went straight to bed when I got home. I could have shot myself for not taking the 2pm appointment that day, instead I took the 8:40am appointment for Thursday morning. Dum-Dum!
I could barely get myself up and out the door. I had to take Lil'D to daycare as well. It was simply torture!! I was super careful not to spread my germs. I finally got to the doctor and he had to get a swab of my throat and they wouldn't know the results of my test UNTIL THE NEXT DAY. I thought I was going to die! I went home and laid on the couch and slept as much as I could. Sleeping was just torture itself. I would get cold and cover up then, wake up about 15-20 minutes later and be soaked in sweat. Then I would kick all the covers off and wake up freezing. It was a constant cycle of this. I WAS MISERABLE. I survived the day, then I had to survive the night. I missed my sweet Lil'D to. I had to really separate myself from him. I really didn't want him to get this.
I called to doctor at 8:30. They hadn't bothered to call me back in an hour so I called them again. The nurse gave me the results POSITIVE FOR STREP. They called in my prescription of penicillin. Yeah!! I went to the pharmacy to pick it up. When I told them who I was the lady told me there was a problem with my insurance and that I had to get the doctor to call them and get it specially approved. I asked her how long this would take, she said usually about 2 or 3 days. 2 OR 3 DAYS? WHAT? I completely lost it. I started crying and telling this lady that I had felt like this for 2 days and I just needed my medication now!!! She wanted to call me when she got it straightened out and I asked he what number she had for me. She looked down and back and me and said Tina right. NNNOOOOOOO! EllieMae. She had been talking and yappin' about somebody else. She apologized for making me cry and told me my medication would be ready in 10 minutes. I walked out to the car to wait because I was so weak. I finally got my penicillin!!! I tried to sleep as much as I could. This day was finally over. I was on my way to recovery.
I woke up feeling somewhat like a human being. My throat wasn't hurting as badly and I was actually feeling better. J bought me the new Harry Potter book. I was satisfied with just sitting and reading...resting just like I was supposed to be doing!
I was still week but felt 10 times better than Friday!!! I rested and read ALOT!
I am feeling wonderful today. Still a tad bit weak, but I can manage. I am working! Yeah, I'm really glad I don't have to stress out about missing work anymore. (at least for now)

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