June 23, 2007

Day 1...Vacation

J and I didn't get to be last night till 12:15. It took longer to pack than I thought. I managed to get all of our clothes in one bag, including Lil'D. We were supposed to get up at 6am. We got up at 6:45. We were on the road by 8:30. We drove to Santa Barbara to pick up Grandma & Grandpa Ham. Lil'D was so excited when they got in the car. He knows how to say Grandpa. He says it real good to.
We got lunch at Subway in Santa Barbara. Then we drove to Solvang. It was so quaint and pretty. The hills are covered with green trees. All the shops were just beautiful dressed up Danish style. There were tons of candy and chocolate stores. We, of course, stopped to get candy. We also tried some famous pastry that they are known for. It was basically funnel cake. It was yummy. We picked up a really cute toy for Lil'D at a toy shop and I got some postcards. We on an excursion to a waterfall about 10 minutes outside of town. It was a beautiful drive. The road was just lined with trees that tangled within each other. The walk to the waterfall was nice. We headed to Lompoc afterwards.
We had dinner at Pea Soup Anderson's. Grandma Ham and I had pea soup. It was yummy. We found our hotel and unloaded everything out of the truck. J and I realized we hadn't stopped for some dish soap to wash Lil'D's bottles. Off to Wal-Mart we went. The weather was really cool. That was unexpected. We finally got settled. Lil'D didn't fall asleep till 10:30. He just couldn't get settled. Hopefully he will do better tomorrow night.
-Until tomorrow

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