June 25, 2007

Day 3...Vacation

We got up and headed to San Jose. We arrived at about 11am. Lil'D was still taking his nap so Grandma & Grandpa Ham got out and we drove around until he woke up. We visited a little and left to go to the Children's Discovery Museum.
We at lunch first and then went to a special room for 4 yr old and under. Lil'D was in heaven. There was also an infant crawling room. He loved it. He also loved watching the other kids. He really had a lot of fun. So did we. There were a lot of neat things to do. Afterwards we went outside the museum and there was a ton of trees and grass and we let Lil'D loose. He walked and walked until he just couldn't anymore. He was exhausted. We went back over to where Grandma & Grandpa Ham were. Grandpa Ham came with us and we checked into the hotel. I put Lil'D down for a nap while J took Grandpa Ham back. I got everything organized for tonight and tomorrow. When Lil'D woke up from his nap we headed back.
Lil'D entertained everyone before dinner. He had everybody laughing. It was finally time for dinner! We had steak, potato and cheese casserole, cole slaw and watermelon. Lemon cake for dessert. It was yummy. Lil'D loved the potatoes! After dinner Lil'D entertained everyone again. We headed over to the hotel at about 8:30 and got Lil'D to bed by 9pm.
-Until tomorrow

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