June 12, 2007

Weigh in...WEEK FIVE

Weight 1st tuesday (5-1-07)______178
Weight 2nd tuesday (5-8-07)_____ 173
Weight 3nd wednesday (5-16-07)__174
Weight 4th tuesday (5-22-07)_____172
Weight 5th tuesday (5-29-07_____172
Weight 6th tuesday (6-5-07)_____170
Weight 7th tuesday (6-12-07)__171

One pound gained isn't so bad considering this is my time of the month. It happened last month to. I have to admit I only worked out last week one time due to Lil'D being sick and Mama was just too darn tired. I also went to the Fair on Saturday and ate some things I'm not supposed to. If I had been working out every day I don't think it would have hurt. Little by little, that is the best way to do this!

I didn't work out last night. I'm kinda mad at myself. I just didn't feel like it. I am still waking up with a sore throat and I'm still coughing a little. I'm just worn out and I don't want to get sicker than I already am. Excuses, excuses.

I have to cut this short this morning. I have a jobsite measure to go to. Here is the job I am working on right now: Barn Residence
Hope you all have positive results this week!!
-Until tomorrow


Military Mommy said...

Way to go! I love your positive attitude. And just fyi, I have seen a no loss / slight gain during my "special week" too. ; )

Keep up the great work!

Denise said...

Keep that positive attitude dear one, you are doing great.

Jan B said...

I have had that cold too, and it is terrible. Just enough to make me feel sick, but not enough to keep me from doing the work around here.

I hope that as the week goes on you kick it and things go well for you. Congrats on your loss, you are doing wonderful!

Mama Bear June said...

Oh, being sick and having a sick little one is hard on all of us. Get well and you'll soon be back on track!

Thea said...

I always saw crazy numbers monthly, too. Jump back in this week, you can do it!