June 26, 2007

Day 4...Vacation

We got up at 7am and were ready by 8:30. We had breakfast at McDonald's. We met "everybody" at 9:30am. We drove to Felton and rode on the Roarin' Woods Camp Steam Train. It was a nice little excursion. It was an hour and 10 minutes and Lil'D loved it. It was his first ride on a steam train. He started saying "choo choo" today.
After the train ride we drove to Santa Clara and spent a couple of hours on the boardwalk. Lil'D took a real good nap in the stroller. We drove back to San Jose and arrived at about 4pm.
We visited again with aunts, uncles and cousins. For dinner we had chicken, potato salad, beans & chili, watermelon and oreo ice cream for desert. I spent a lot of time chasin' Lil'D...it was exhausting. J chased him to, between the two of us he kept us busy. J and I left early and went to the hotel to put Lil'D down and to get ready for the next day. I am getter better and better at pulling everything out and packing things back up. These past two days were great because we stayed in this hotel for two nights. Everything is ready for tomorrow...
-Until tomorrow

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