June 11, 2007

Weekend Review...

J and I continued out backyard quest! We took about 10 bags of leaves and branches to the dump! I swept and swept and swept...until the wind was blowing it back in my face. J got 5 bags of bark from Home Depot. The bark looks great! The dirt looks a little funny but at least it is clean.
Lil'D is feeling much better! He took a nice long nap and woke up really hungry! After I fed him we went to the Fair. It was so much fun! Lil'D loved all the sights and sounds and smells!! We even got tickets to come back another day for free! We may go back on Father's day. We will see.

We went to church this morning since Lil'D was feeling better! The girls in the nursery were glad to see him again. It had been a month because that is how long he has had this cough. Thank goodness it has gone away! Only a couple days of antibiotic left! Lil'D's first birthday is next Saturday and I want him well for his birthday party. Then we go on vacation the Saturday after that. Only 13 days till vacation!!
After church we put Lil'D down for a nice nap. I made my grocery list and did some planning for the birthday party. When Lil'D woke up we went to the grocery store. We also went by Auntie E's. They are always glad to see Lil'D. Lil'D took his second nap a little late. I took a nap too.
For dinner, J made pasta while I cleaned the exterior of the kitchen window. Lil'D happily swung in his swing. It felt so good to be in our clean backyard! Lil'D tried pasta for the first time. He wasn't thrilled with it. Next time maybe. We played together for a long while. Lil'D is starting take more and more steps on his own. He just goes for it. He can walk from the linen closet to the couch. He does really well when your not looking. He is also testing Mama. He has started to cry more when he doesn't get his way. Lord, give me patience!
J and I went to bed at 9:30pm! Wa-hoo, sleep!

MONDAY morning:
I got up at 6am this morning. I just can't do the 5am yet. I'm hurtin'. When I got Lil'D up this morning, he was upset the whole time I was dressing him. I usually make a 6oz bottle. I made a 7 instead. He downed it and wanted more. I gave him 4 more ounces. He was super hungry this morning. I think he is going through a growth spurt. He took his medicine really good this morning instead of crying through it. Patience, patience! We got to Pam's at 7:15am. I just can't make 7am anymore. I've got to get going better in the morning. Time to get to work!
-Until tomorrow.

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Alycia said...

I'm so happy your little one is feeling better :) What a bout of sickness he has had!! I bet it was great to be back in church!! It sounds like you all had a busy and productive weekend! Thanks for stopping by my place too! Have a blessed day! Be back soon :)