June 27, 2007

Day 5...Vacation

We drove to San Francisco this morning. Grandma Ham's brother and his wife and Grandma Ham's sister and her husband all came with us. We parked at Pier 39 and took photos first. We ate lunch at Bubba Gump's. Y.U.M.M.Y!!
After lunch we went to a candy store and filled up again. Half of us walked the 6 blocks to the cable cars at Ghiradelli square. We took the cable cars downtown. It was a fun ride. A tad bit difficult with Lil'D. It was cool for about 10 minutes. The other 10 minutes he was squirmy. J and I went into a mall to change Lil'D. We happened to go into Bloomingdale's. That was the nicest family "lounge" I have ever been in. We were going to ride the cable car back to Ghiradelli square but it the brake line broke when it reached the top of the hill. J and I waited for about 15 minutes for another car but we got impatient and decided to walk. It was a pretty long walk. Lil'D was in a backpack on J's back asleep halfway. It was about 15-20 blocks to Pier 39. We made it. We grabbed a crab cake, bought some souvenirs, said our goodbyes to our aunts and uncles, and continued our drive to Vallejo.
We sat in traffic for about an hour to just get out of downtown. We crossed the bay bridge and drove about 30 miles to our next hotel. We picked up some fast food and headed to the hotel. We Lil'D proofed the room, unpacked what we needed, gave Lil'D a bath, put Lil'D to bed and went to sleep ourselves.
-Until tomorrow

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