June 4, 2007

Mondays are for the birds...

That is what I told my Mom this morning. What exactly does that mean anyway? My Mom said that to me growing up. Why the birds?

Anyway...I visited Deena at Wholly Devoted. She posted this. It is so awesome!! Cower minions!!! You will only know what this means if you read her post!!

So I was supposed to get up this morning at 5am. Yeah, it didn't work. I got up at 6:10. That is ok!! Praise God for more sleep!! (cower minions!)

J was sick and slept in. I will do anything to get that man well! It is hard when he is sick!! Lil'D and I played all morning. He was kinda crabby more that usual. He is usually never crabby. He is whining a lot. When J went into the other room, Lil'D stood at the gate and whined and whined. I, of course, told J not to even think about coming around the corner. I'm doing my best not to give in to this. I just divert his attention elsewhere. That has worked so far. J and I managed to get a trip to Costco in. We needed water and formula. I stopped by Payless and got a pair of shoes. Auntie E has these shoes on yesterday and I just had to get a pair. They are awesome shoes!! Here they are if you want to take a look. They are so comfortable and cushy!! They will be the perfect vacation shoes!!! I can't wear them to work because they are not professional at all. I love them! I love getting new shoes!! Praise God for new shoes at a reasonable price!!

My Mom is on the road with my Dad. My Dad has to drive an 18 wheeler truck every now and then for work. They are on their way to Fresno, California. That is 1800 miles for them. Pray for their safety!!

It's almost here!!! 19 days away!! Here is our agenda:
Saturday: Santa Barbara
Sunday: Solvang
Monday: San Luis Obisbo/Monterey
Tuesday: San Jose
Wednesday: San Francisco
Thursday: Vallejo
Friday: Wine country
Saturday: Drive halfway home
Sunday: Back home
We are driving up the coast in this vehicle :

With J's Mom & Dad:
I can't wait. We have gone on vacation with them 4 times:
Alaskan Cruise; Panguitch Utah, Drive up the coast to Oregon, Arizona Road trip. This will be our 5th vacation together!! Praise God for the great relationship I have with my in-laws!!

Ok, on with my day!

-Until tomorrow

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