June 3, 2007

I'm Crazy...

Why am I crazy. Look at the time...I am crazy. What am I thinking? I just spent the past couple of hours fooling with my blog. I am really happy with the order of everything right now!

Today J and I cleaned up the backyard. We moved into this house September of last year (we are renting). We haven't touched the backyard since. It has been at the bottom of the list. It has finally gotten to the top. Mainly because we are having Lil'D's birthday party here and we will be BBQin'. So people will be in my backyard. I wish, I wish, I wish that I would have taken a before picture. We slaved away all day, cutting back tree limbs, digging up weeks, cutting roots and such. My backyard isn't even that big. Progress is awesome!! It was so wonderful to stand at my kitchen window and look into the backyard and see the ground! Small triumphs!!!

Lil'D got to swing in his new swing today. He was so good to us!!

I went over to Auntie E's house and did my niece's makeup for prom! It was really a fun time. She looked beautiful!! If I get one of the pictures I will post it.

So now it is time for bed. Duh!
-Until tomorrow

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