May 31, 2007

Thankful Thursday...

I just found this at Sting My Heart. Since I had Lil'D I have had a bit of depression here and there. It took a while for me to completely give it to the Lord properly. I started a blog specifically dedicated to my blessings! I have been trying to add things as I go. It is more of a personal blog than one that I share. You can take a peak here if you want: EllieMaes Blessings

So here is what I am thankful for today:

1. My sweet husband, J...bless him for volunteering to do a honeydo list from me instead of picking Lil'D up from daycare. Because he gets home at 3:30pm or 4, it's so much easier for him to do the list instead of wasting time AND gas to go get Lil'D when I can pick him up on my way home. Not only do we save gas, but J does the chores when he gets home instead of me doing them at 9pm at night or not getting them done at all.

2. My sweet baby boy only has a cold. I am blessed that that is all he has. It could always be worse.

3. My boss is awesome! He just went on with his week without panicking because I wasn't there. He always says whatever is best for me! He is the best!

4. Pam...she takes care of Lil'D all week while J and I are at work. She has a wonderful home daycare. The kids are all so polite and well behaved. Pam is always so calm and in control. Lil'D just loves her and I do too!

5. My mama...every morning she gives me encouragement to get through the day. She encourages me to be strong!


Alycia said...

So happy you joined in with TT! It is a wonderful group of ladies and I hope you will be encouraged by what they share. I am so thankful that you have childcare help that you love, that is such a blessing. Be encouraged and know that I am praying for your depression to lift. Blessings to you!

Denise said...

Welcome to thankful thursday, bless you.

Mary said...

Welcome to Thankful Thursday. This has been such a huge blessing for me. The gals (and guys) here are awesome! It's so nice to have a hubby that does honey-do things. Glad the little one is getting better. Thanks for sharing. Blessings on your weekend.

Nise' said...

Glad you joined in Thankful Thursday! You are so fortunate to have a great boss!

Deena said...

I'm so glad you discovered Thankful Thursday...and that you are posting with us. Praying for you as you raise that little one:-)

eph2810 said...

How wonderful that you beloved helps you out with the chores. I am glad that you are working things out so that you have time together, even if they are limited. Glad that your baby 'only' has a cold. You are right, it could be worse.
How awesome that your Mom encourages you every.single.morning.--what a blessings.
Thank you so much for joining us this week and share your thankful heart with us.
Blessings on your weekend and always.