May 31, 2007

Much better day...

I feel much better today! I have found my strength. It was hiding yesterday.

I managed to get 9 hours of work done at home yesterday. Lil'D slept from 11am-1pm. He had his bottle and we played till 2:30pm. He ate some chicken and squash and I put him down for another nap. He slept from 3pm-5pm. J was home and got him up and fed him his bottle. He also ate some apples and strawberries a little later. He was off his usual schedule by an hour, but he really needed his sleep to get over this nasty cold. We played and played until 7:10pm. We gave Lil'D a bath. I tried to give him his bottle, J tried also, but Lil'D didn't want it. We put him to bed at 7:30pm. I did some more work until 9pm. I left the house at about 7:10 to pick up Auntie E, Uncle R & Andy from the airport. They had been in New York for a highschool band trip. They had a wonderful but hurried trip. I got back to the house at 10:15. I started feeling stopped up, my nose and eyes were itching and I was sneezing like crazy. I took some Airborn as soon as I got home. I have to remember to take care of me!!! We were in bed by 10:30. Not too bad for going to the airport that late. I was exhausted from the day and immediately fell asleep.

I just took it easy getting ready this morning. I didn't stress myself out. I stayed in bed till 6:30. I'm supposed to get up at 5:45am. I got Lil'D to daycare at 7:45 and got to work at 8:30. When you really look at all the time we spend in the car getting places, it's really quite amazing how much time we loose. Right now I feel like I am in a battle with time. There is not enough in a day, the days are passing by so fast and I want just a few hours of ME time a week. Just a few, that is all I ask. I would love to just sit down and read a book for an hour or just go window shopping or watch a whole movie. I just need to have more discipline with my time. I have also kind of let the house go this week. It is not a mess or anything, but I need to do weekly cleaning of the bathrooms so they don't get out of control. I need to disinfect the kitchen counters. That kind of stuff.
Today has been a great day so far, and I hope that it continues. "Senior" designer is in Cabo, so he won't be bothering me today. I have made a list and hope to get at least half of it done.
-Until tomorrow

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