May 8, 2007

Just what I needed!!

I was lurking at Notes from the Laundry Pile and came across this challenge. The timing couldn't be more perfect. The girls at Tales from the Scales have started a challenge! It is exactly what I need! Lil'D was born almost a year ago and I just couldn't get started on a workout program at all. I just started last Monday on April 30! I worked out 3 times last week and have worked out twice this week so far!! It will be great to have some other motivation besides holding myself accountable! Here are the ugly facts:
Current weight: 173
1st goal weight: 153
Final goal weight: 133
Normally I would NEVER post my weight, but I know that my current weight is due to the fact that I got pregnant and had a baby. Granted I could have tried not to gain as much as I did. But seeing how that is in the past, there is nothing I can do about that now. 153 was how much I weighed when I found out I was pregnant. It was definitely not where I wanted to be then. I started out the year knowing that I wanted to get pregnant and kind of just let myself eat whatever I wanted. Bad, bad, bad!
So I changed ALL my eating habits last week. A couple of the girls and I in the office have started a salad club. We each bring different salad ingredients each week and we have a salad for lunch everyday. I look so forward to that salad at 12:30. It is so yummy! When I get home in the evening and make dinner I try to eat a small portion, just enough to be full. Some nights I eat more that others, but I'm pretty good majority of the time. My weakness is Salt & Vinegar chips. I love them!! I broke down and had some last week...the first week. I am lame! I also love AM/PM French Vanilla with a touch of English toffee Cappuccinos! I am pretty good with this one. I only have a small one maybe twice a week. Usually I only have one because I don't have time to stop and get one! Lucky me!
So there it all is laid out on the table. I'M GONNA LOOSE THIS WEIGHT plus some!!!
Pray for discipline for me!! I am going to succeed!!
-Until tomorrow


Amy said...

I'm in, too. That salad club sounds like a great idea. Good luck!

Star said...

Good for you, girl!! (Also, don't feel too bad, salt and vinegar chips are my favorite too!)