May 16, 2007

Recap of this past week...

Last Wednesday, "Senior" designer called me when I was on my way home. He wanted to know if I wanted to go with him to the MustardStone project in Montana? I had to ask J first, because he would have Lil'D duty for Monday and Tuesday. The main thing would be getting him to daycare. I have to take him to daycare because J has to leave for work at 6am. I called Pam (the daycare lady) and asked her if she could take Lil'D at 6:30am on Monday and Tuesday. She said it would be fine. I called "senior" designer back and told him I could go.

I worked as fast as I could on the MustardStone drawings. There was a lot to get done. I was exhausted when I got home from work. I worked out after I put Lil'D to bed. Yeah me!!

I went in to work with the intention of trying to be done with all the drawings by noon. I didn't make that. I got everything drawn and printed out and packed up by 2:30. I got home at 3:15 and worked out!! I was so proud of myself for working out. I really didn't want to. It felt great when I was done. I stayed up till 1am. I redid my blog. I put in 3 columns and changed the colors.

J had to take Shadow to the vet. She had to get her last stitch out because she was so volatile last Saturday. We gave her a pill that was supposed to sedate her. It worked at first, but I think it wore off. We also put the plastic cone collar on her. J said that she sounded so evil when they pulled her out of the cage. I heard her when he got her home. It was almost an evil roar. You wouldn't have believed that it came from this sweet kitty!! This picture was taken the day after she got spayed. She was just exhausted and worn out. Poor baby kitty.
We met The Intimidator & Kaydee at the zoo. We had a really good walk around the zoo. The Alaskan Brown bear had snow in his enclosure and he was digging in the snow. Lil'D liked it. We went to Wal-Mart & Costco later that afternoon and relaxed the rest of the evening!

This was my first Mother's Day!! I got a card from J and Lil'D. J got a kit to put Lil'Ds hand impression in a heart. It will be fun to do!! We went out to lunch. It was really fun. Lil'D loves rice and biscuits! I also gave him some steamed squash. He is such a brave little eater. He has been kind of finicky lately. If I eat it, he usually will! After lunch we just had a relaxing day. When Lil'D went to bed I started packing for Montana. I didn't take much, I was only going to be gone for 2 days. I got to bed at 10pm.

I woke up at 3:15am. It hurt! I got to "senior" designer's house at 4:25. We got to the airport at 5:15. We took off at 6:30! We got to Bozeman at 11:30. We went to lunch at the Country Kitchen. I had a grilled cheese sandwich and a cup of roasted tomato soup. It was yummy!
It was an hour drive to MustardStone Club. It was still a construction site. The exterior was 85% done. The interior was all steel studs. Here are some photos:

___This is the exterior of the project______________This is the view from our client's condo.

__________These are both interior photos of our client's condo. This project is supposed to be finished by Christmas. Yeah, right.

This is where we stayed. These private cabins were awesome!! They are beautiful inside. A bit traditional for my taste but the bed was super comfy!!!!! The food that we had for dinner was excellent. We had elk and venison. The flavor was incredible. The price tag of all the items on the menu were like $34 and up. I love fancy restaurants. The portions are just right. You don't ever overeat and you usually get beautiful presentation and incredible taste!!! Of course "senior" designer had to get a sampler tray of all the desserts. There was cheesecake, huckleberry ice cream pie, and some kind of coffee dessert. I can't remember the names of the desserts but they were complicated names. "Senior" designer told me that when they first started the project they weren't locking the doors, but because there were lever handles on all the doors bears were breaking in. What do you know, the cabins were were staying in had lever handles. My imagination started running away with the thought of waking up and a bear breathing in my face. I checked to make sure the doors were locked like three times.

We had breakfast at the same restaurant and I had bacon and eggs! We went to the jobsite and watched our client land his helicopter nearby. We measure more and went over a list of items with the client and then went to the restaurant again for lunch. I had a bowl of roasted red pepper bisque and shrimp scampi. It was ok. I should have gotten a burger or a sandwich. Those looked better than my scampi. After lunch we went back to the jobsite and crammed in as much as we could. We had to leave at 2:15 to get to the airport on time. We just made it by 3:30. Our flight was supposed to leave at 4:30, but left at 5pm instead because of a Chicago flight that was delayed because of bad weather in Chicago. The flight to Denver was on a small plane. I memorized my memory verse, read my book and listened to my ipod. We had an 1 1/2 hour layover in Denver. It was a good thing because our gate was 3 miles away. I am so glad that "senior" designer had rented the electric scooter. I piled all our carry on bags and plans and he rode while I walked and hit all the moving walkways. We sat on the plane for an hour due to the navigation equipment not working properly. They finally got everything fixed and we were off. I watched tv and the time went by really fast. Once we got in, I discovered that we were at a completely different terminal that when we left. "Senior" designer booked flights on two different carriers so that we could get home earlier, rather than midnight. I walked to the other terminal, got the car, picked up "senior" designer, asked a traffic controller to help me put the electric scooter in the car and we were on our way home. I dropped him off, took all his stuff in the house, got into my car and was on my way home. I got home at 11:15pm and was in bed by 11:30!

I got to work at around 9am. I cleaned my office. "Senior" designer had a doctor's appointment. He was getting his cast off and getting a walking boot. I did a few things with the Barn job and took them to "senior" designer's house. I was really sick of seeing him!!! When I finally got home at 5:45, Lil'D and I played together for a while. I skipped small group because I hadn't seen him in two days. I gave him a bath, fed him his bottle and put him to bed. He was so ready to go to bed, he was so exhausted. I started addressing and stuffing envelopes for Lil'Ds birthday party!!! I am going to bed now. I will try not to get so behind in my blogging! Easier said than done.
-Until tomorrow

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