May 22, 2007

Work is neverending...

I helped Pj today with a new job. She is putting together a proposal. I fixed the island and I started pricing the cabinets in a program called Magic. I got super frustrated because I don't use all. "Senior" designer has spoiled me by using our custom line, which doesn't require me to price each cabinet. If we use one our lines that has a book. I have to price each item individually. Cabinets, doors, moldings, toekick, accessories, finish, wood and so on. After I got going in Magic it wasn't so bad. It was just the first few items that I felt impatient on.


Breakfast: Coffee (Bad)

Lunch: Salad

Snack: baked crackers

Dinner: grilled chicken & rice

snack: popcorn

Workout: 45 minutes "Ramp It Up"


-Until tomorrow

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