May 6, 2007

Non-stop & no time for relaxin'

This weekend was packed with minute by minute stuff. Just stuff. Nothing super exciting but enjoyable.

I picked up "senior" designer at 7:30am. We went downtown to a jobsite. This was a condo on Market St on the 25th floor. The view was just incredible. You could see Coronado Island perfectly. It is really neat to see all the beautiful views all of our clients have. When we finally got to the office I worked on the kitchen revisions for Barn. "Senior" designer had a real hard look at our kitchen design and changed a bunch of stuff. This always happens. Over a year ago we designed the kitchen together. He really only glanced at it and changed a few things and never really looked at it again. He always does this. Tons of last minute changes in ten minutes and it takes me almost a whole day to change it all and get it to the manufacturer. I didn't get all the plans done for Monday. I don't know what I'm going to do because Mustard Stone still has to be done and there is tons of work to do on it. I brought work home, but just as I thought I didn't have any time to really start on it.

I got up at 7:30am. Lil'D and I played while Daddy slept in. He took Shadow to the vet to get her soochers out. She went nuts and they couldn't finish it. We have to take her back next Saturday, but sedate her beforehand.
Lil'D and I had a hair appointment at 11am. Lil'D's first haircut. He was so good. He didn't make a peep. After our hair appointment we went to Quiznos for lunch. We tryed to get Lil'D to lay down for his afternoon nap. He just wasn't having it. Amy Jo called and we had planned on going to Motherhood Maternity because she needed some new clothes! J called a couple of times, Lil'D was still fighting sleep. He just didn't want to let go. I got back home at 6pm and Lil'D had only taken about an hour catnap. We played for a while, ate, gave Lil'D a bath then finally to bed at 8:30. I started on a sign for the Charger's Mini Camp tomorrow. It says: Coach Bradley should be in the Hall of Fame. Coach Bradley is the secondary coach for the Charger's. The cool thing is he is from a small town in Texas about an hour from my hometown. So he has been dying to meet me. I spent 3 hours on the sign. We went to bed at about 1am.

We overslept, as usual. Lil'D didn't wake up until 8:15am. Lil'D and I played some in the morning, ate breakfast and he was tired and went down for his first nap like a charm. We were going to leave at around 11am, but since Lil'D was still sleeping we waited for him to wake up. He didn't wake up until 12pm. We got to mini camp at about 12:45. We saw Big D and we saw Coach Bradley and Coach Bradley saw his sign. He loved it. We got back home at about 2pm and got ready for Andy's band concert at 3pm. We left the house at 2:15pm. The concert was longer that we thought, but it was nice. Lil'D was really good, he didn't really fuss at all. We got home at about 6:30pm. I fed Lil'D while J went to the grocery store and got us dinner. We ate dinner while Lil'D played. We gave him a bath and got him in bed at 8:45. I watched House from last week and the finale of Amazing Race. I'm so bummed that the blondes didn't win. I liked them much better than the people who won. Time for bed.
-Until tomorrow

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Star said...

I was rooting for Eric and Danielle, because of all their bad luck at airports. I know that the way Eric yelled at Danielle alot was annoying, but the blondes are just fake, fake, fake! I absolutely detested what they did; bribing Danny and Oswald to Yield E and D for them. D and O shouldn't have done it, but the blondes should not have even tried it. It shows what kind of people they are. The cha-chas were desperate, and karma kicked them in the butts, so I call them even, but the blondes!? no way. I am glad that E and D won.

I would have rooted for Charla and Myrna, but I couldn't stand Myrna! Her voice and her fake accent that changed with the country they were in; so annoying! I do have to admit that I do admire Charla alot, mostly for putting up with her cousin and not shoving her off the nearest cliff!