May 3, 2007

Happy May day to ya!

I can't believe it's May. It just doesn't seem possible. Time needs to slow down just a tad. So here is what has been happening in the first couple of days of May:

I am on a major deadline crunch for two jobs. The Barn job plans have to be completely done and printed for tomorrow...scary!! Also the Mustard Stone job located in Montana. I have to have all the plans completed for that job by next Wednesday or Thursday. This is a 2 story, 5000 square foot condo. We are doing the cabinetry for the kitchen, bar, 5 baths, media center, bookcases and a really neat ceiling beam design. I'll try to post some photos of this one next week.
The work around here is either here and there or piled up to your eyeballs. Never hardly a happy medium.
The Barn job is moving right along. They are framing the house right now. I went out to the jobsite on Tuesday. It is really neat to see it in just the concrete slab stage and to look at it and know where everything is going because you know the floorplan so well.

Lil'D has a cold. It's not really a bad one, it's just an annoying one. He is pretty normal during the day, but at night he gets really achy I guess and just crys with pitiful little eyes looking at you. Tuesday he went to bed at 9:40pm. Last night he went to bed at 8:30pm. Poor little monkey. I'm ready for this cold to leave! One of the boys at daycare has a really bad cold right now and has missed two days because he has a fever. I hope we don't get a fever to. Hopefully this cold will be gone by Saturday!

I started working out on Monday night!!! This is huge! I haven't worked out really since we were in the old house. Once I had hit the six week mark I started walking then at the eight week mark I started running. That only lasted a week because the landlord called and wanted to sell the house. So I put working out on hold and packed up the house, moved and had to get the new house in order. I have finally got 90% of the house done!! So, I don't want to be a fat mom so I have forced myself to put in a workout. I workout once I have put Lil'D to bed at 7:30. I am currently doing a program called Slim in 6. Click here to check it out. I did this several years ago and it really builds your strength up gradually, before you know it you can do like 15-20 push ups. My arms have always been pretty weak so when I can do push ups that means something! The first dvd is called Start It Up. It is about 52 minutes long and introduces you to all the basic moves. I will do the first dvd the first week. The second dvd is called Ramp It Up and you do that workout for 2 weeks. The last dvd is called Burn It UP and you do that dvd for 3 weeks. We will see! You are "supposed" to do the dvd 5 times a week, yeah right! I will be doing my workout on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Pray for me to stay disciplined!!

Off I go to work super hard and efficient!
-Until tomorrow

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