May 30, 2007

Weigh in....WEEK THREE

Weight 1st tuesday (5-1-07)______178
Weight 2nd tuesday (5-8-07)_____ 173
Weight 3nd wednesday (5-16-07)__174
Weight 4th tuesday (5-22-07)____172
Weight 5th tuesday (5-29-07_____172

I guess being stuck is better than gaining! It must have been that breakfast fest that happened at work last week that messed me up. I worked out 3 times last week also. Who knows. I will try not to be discouraged!! I have worked out twice this week already. I will try to stay focused and eat right. My moods are crazy right now. It is really hard to control my eating. I'm up and down.

Lil'D is really sick. He has had this nasty cold since Saturday. His cough sounds horrible. And there is so much snot! (TMI, I know...sorry) We took him to the doctor yesterday and he doesn't have anything other than a cold. He just has to ride it out. It is so hard being a full time working mother some days!!! Living in California doesn't afford us the option of me staying home. We are a two income family. I have to work to make ends meet. Maybe one day, but certainly not right now. Luckily, I have a great job! Days like today the guilt just pulls me down. I went in to work to burn a disk with my 2 projects on it and grabbed my notebooks on the jobs as well. I will try to work really hard and efficient while Lil'D naps. My poor sweet boy sounds so horrible when he coughs. He is just too cute to be this sick.
Monday...I did "Burn It Up" It was a 60 minute total body workout. It kicked my butt
Tuesday...I walked for 60 minutes. I am getting really bored of the videos. I needed to switch it up a little.
-Until tomorrow


Denise said...

Hang in there sweet one, you will succeed.

Mama Bear June said...

It's great that you've maintained! It's hard when the little ones are sick. Keep making good choices!

Military Mommy said...

You are doing great! Don't look back - focus on your goals and keep going! 6 pounds is no small feat, my friend!