April 29, 2007

Where does the time go?

My best friend from high school came to visit on Friday. We spent the day together!! I picked her up at noon and we had lunch at Albert's at the zoo. It was so wonderful. I brought Lil'D with me to so she could get to know him. Lil'D was such a delight all day. He made mama proud! After lunch we walked around Balboa Park. We paid to get into the Japanese Friendship Gardens. It was very small. Very small. Good thing we only paid $3 each. I went to the Japanese Tea Gardens in San Francisco and they were incredible. Anyway, after walking for miles at Balboa Park, I took he to my house. She wanted to see where I lived. I took her back to her hotel and Lil'D and I went up to her room. I got to see her husband and he got to meet Lil'D. They had a dinner date so I dropped them off at Flemming's Steak House. It was 7:45. Lil'D and I got home at 8:30pm.
We talked and talked and talked and talked! All day! It was as if no one else was around and it was just us!!!! She loved Lil'D (of course). She lives in Kentucky now. That is just too far away! She is the same person as she was in high school!! She is awesome and I miss having her around all the time. Funny how you take for granted your time with someone. It's just never a reality that you won't see them everyday. Like my parents, I lived with them for 22 years. I never thought in a million years I would live 1500 miles away from them. Nette and I live 2300 miles apart. When we were in school we probably lived 15 miles apart. Live is crazy I tell ya!
Lil'D had a long day and of course went to sleep on the way home. I feed him and put him to bed at 8:45. Late night for the little monkey.

Lil'D is awesome!!! He let us sleep till 9am. I actually got up at 8:30 and took a half hour shower. It was divine! The little things in life! J and I did housework for a majority of the morning. Auntie E called me over to see Andy's prom dress. It was very pretty. She is 15 and this is her first prom! Oh, those were the days...wouldn't want 'em back though! J and I went to Wal-mart and Costco. The day was over before we knew it.

We actually got up on time and got to church. This was Lil'Ds third time in the nursery. He does so well. Not a peep out of him! I drank a french vanilla cappuccino today, it was yummy. I'm tired of the cappuccinos from 7-eleven. I like them from AM/PM now! I mix a little english toffee with the french vanilla. J and I relaxed pretty much all day. We had to go to the grocery store. We got Pick Up Stix to go. Lil'D walk from the checkout counter to the exit doors in the grocery store (holding both of my hands). I really wanted to wear him out and make him tired since his naps were a little out of wack today. He went right to bed at 7:45. What a sweet pumpkin!! Life is just so good with him!! He has also learned how to kind of give me a kiss on the cheek! What precious times these are!!!

Ready for another week, I guess.
-Until tomorrow

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