October 15, 2005

I took the day off!

Slept in a little today!! I had some housework to get done today. I finally got to watch some tv from this week! I watched Martha Stewart The Apprentice. I really like that show. I mainly like it because I like the tasks they get and how they execute them. I always think of what I would do. I know there is a lot of back stabbing and unneccessary drama, but all that aside I like the tasks.
My friend, Chica, and I are throwing Sarah Jean a baby shower on Saturday. I put together a cd of music for name that tune with the work baby in the title. I went over to Chica's house and we went to the grocery store and got watermelon, grapes, pineapple, cake mix...etc. We decorated the her house and I finally left her house at 1:30am. I got home at 1:45 and it is so past my bedtime!!
-Until tomorrow.

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