October 15, 2005

I was non stop all day.

I woke up this moring at 8:30. Thank goodness J set the alarm. He's a good man. I would have totally everslept if he hadn't. I was ready and out the door to Chica's at 9:30. Everything was ready except for the croissants and the balloons. Chica's man had gone to get those items and went to the wrong stores. He made it back and everything was ok. We ate good food and the presents were so cute and the games went well! Short, simple and sweet. It was so fun. I hope Sarah Jean liked it.
After the shower we had to switch into wedding mode. Chica and I received a wedding invitation for today after we had sent the baby shower invitations out. The wedding is for Rodger. He worked with me and assisted "senior designer" also. He left our firm about a year ago. Rodger wants to be an architect. He works at an architectural firm downtown on the 14th floor in a corner office. He is so much happier there. Anyway, Chica, Homie(Chica's boyfriend), and I were in the car driving away at 1:14. We picked J up and were on our way to the church by 1:40. We parked at the church at 2pm on the dot. We thought we were going to be late but the bride was standing outside and the wedding party was organizing in the back of the church. There were still lots of people arriving, thank goodness. The wedding was supposed to start at 2pm. It started at 2:35. The wedding mass was in spanish and some parts in english. More spanish though. The wedding was finally over at 4pm. That was the longest wedding I have ever been to. We drove to the reception and had some fruit and veggie snacks. The bride and groom finally arrived. It was a mexican wedding and they had italian food. I think that is funny! It was really good food though...garlic bread, caesar salad, bowtie pasta and tortellini with choice of red sauce and alfredo sauce and lasagne.
There was a mariachi band first, they were really good. Then a ranchero band was up. That was neat. We stayed till 8pm. We were going to at least wait till the cake was cut. But the dollar dance was just starting at 8pm so we all decided to leave. It was a very nice wedding.
I was just exhausted from staying up the night before till 2am.
J and I watched a couple of our recorded shows when we got home. We watched Alias and The Apprentice. I really am upset about Alias. I don't even really like watching it as much. I am so mad that Michael Vaughn died.
I'm really tired, I'm going to bed and am not setting an alarm for tomorrow.
-Until tomorrow.

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Kaydee said...

Re: ALIAS - Ditto about Michael Vaughn, but the new guy is interesting. I haven't made up my mind about him. The new girl can take a hike she is annoying. But I like to watch marshall the computer guy. He is my favorite. P.S. Isn't sad that there is no cure for Nadia?