October 16, 2005

Football Day!

I slept till 10am. I felt well rested. J and I had some errands to run. We went to CostCo to get some water and a birthday present for J's brother RD. Scout and Amy Jo came over at 12:45 to watch the Charger game. Wahoo, go chargers. If you know me you know how excited I am about watching the Charger game. Football is just not my thing. I have really tryed to be a football fan. I just can't. We are watching to game right now. It is the 4th quarter. Chargers 27, raiders 14. There is 4 minutes left. These guys at my house are all crazy Charger fans. I mean that in a loving way. Their nuts though!!!
J and I have to go to his parents house at around 4:30 for RD's birthday.
I'm just going to watch more tv tonight and then to bed at a decent hour.
-Until tomorrow.


Kaydee said...

Well, the Chargers won! Yeah!

BTW - Why weren't Sarge and I invited over to watch the game? We would not have been able to but still it would have been nice to be ask, you know? ;-p

Kaydee said...