October 11, 2005

I was really tired today.

I worked on Ken a majority of today. We met the client at the slab yards. She picked out 18x18 Golden Tuscany Travertine tiles and Imperial Gold Granite slabs for her master bathroom. I confirmed all the plumbing fixtures and accessories. There is still a question of the shower valves and the tub faucet. She decided she wants a handheld shower head for both. I had already ordered both of these fixtures. Anyway, demolition of the existing masterbath will start on Monday. I love job starts. I just have to get everything ordered so the job will stay on time. I have to order all of Gor and Ken by the end of the day on Thursday. I am taking Friday off. "Senior designer" is taking more time off. He will not be in the office Thurday-Monday. When he is here I just can't stay on a schedule. So, I like it when he is gone. They are going up to Sonoma with his wife's sister.
After work I had my ladie's small group. We started a new study on Phillipians. I really liked the first study. After the study I met J and the men's softball team at On The Border. They won their game 9-8. After most of the games they go for Taco Tuesday, tacos are $1 each. Today is Amy Jo's birthday. Scout, her husband, is on the men's softball team also. He brought a birthday cake for her and surprised her. It was fun! I love On The Border's chips and salsa!!
J & I didn't get home till 10:30pm. Time for bed, I'm exhausted!!
-Until tomorrow.

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