October 28, 2005

The Weekend is here!!

I felt good this morning when I got up. As I drove away from the house I remembered I wanted to bring a cup of orange juice. I was running late and couldn't go back. When I got to work, Sarah Jean had an extra bottle of orange juice...Yeah.
I got everything done on Sween change order, I just needed for "Senior Designer" to do his part. I called him and he was off ordering tile for his house. So I guess Sween won't get done till Monday now.
I also put together an order for Ken's Guest Bath. We won't start this project till Jan 2006, but I still need to get all the plumbing fixtures ordered in case there are any back orders. The Ken's Master Bath is going well. It has been completely demo'd, the tub deck has been modified to make the shower larger and the shower has been hot mopped. The granite fabricator's did a measure on Thursday for the shower floor and the shower dam. These will be granite slab. Next week sometime the floor and dam will be installed and we can start the tile work.
I also worked on a change order for Sim. They have decided that they want me to order all the appliances. I had to send the final order in and make sure there was no price increases. I won't hear back from the vendor until Monday.
I wasn't feeling well at about 3:30 so I packed up my stuff and took some work home with me. When I got home I took some Rolaids and felt better. J & I went for a walk for a 1/2 hour again. We went and got dinner at Quizno's. I had the honey mustard chicken salad. It was better the first time I had it. We watched Resident Evil-Apocolypse. I like Milla Jovovich. I wanted to watch it because I like the fight scene at the end. I forgot how scary it was. I forgot all about the jump out at you moments.
-Until tomorrow.

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