October 25, 2005

I am alive!!

I have been so busy and tired and sick and hungry and all kinds of things. The internet has just not been that important to me for the past 2 weeks. I have so many more important things I'm thinking about lately. You just look around and see all the things that really need to be done and taken care of and the internet just isn't as attractive as is has been the last couple of months.
Work is as busy as ever. I have 2 new jobs I'm working on: McKell and Strod.
"Senior designer" called me this morning at home and wanted me to meet him at a jobsite. The new client is Strod. The view of downtown from her house is spectacular!! Her existing kitchen didn't have any straight walls. They were all different angles all over the place. I've never seen anything like it. It's like when they built the kitchen they didn't use a straight edge at all. The client gave us a check for $6,000. This is just the design fee. This covers all my time to design and do the drawings. We are also going to bring in an engineer on this job because we want to get rid of a wall that two beams die into. Like I said it's weird and it baffled "Senior designer", which says alot to me. There is not much that baffles "Senior designer." We were at Strod's house for 3 1/2 hours measuring. I really like days like today because I get to the office and eat lunch and it's almost 2pm! For the rest of the day I worked on Ken and Gor. Theses jobs are going really well. Yesterday at Ken the shower was hotmopped and they started the addition of a closet wall and a new pocket door. I have arranged for the granite fabricator's to come out and measure tomorrow. They floor and the dam of the shower will be solid granite slab. This has to go in first and then the walls and shower seat will be tiled. I haven't really worked directly on the new job McKel. I have been handing that over to one of the other design assistants. He is doing all the pricing and drawings for it. I just know minor details. "Senior designer" keeps forgetting this and keeps asking me questions about it. He has an appointment with McKel on Thursday at 11am. I asked him today who he wanted at the appointment, me or the other designer. He said he didn't know yet. I have been telling him to give more to the other designer because I can only do so much. I have tons of other small tasks that have been on the backburner for too long. I have also been working on finalizing working drawings for the Py job. I approved all the drawings today for the kitchen. I just have to finalize the activity room (which includes a laundry area, entertainment center and bookcases). The room is huge and it has a ton of cabinets in it. I am ready to put this one to bed. "Senior designer" and I went to the Py jobsite and verified some measurements. We overlooked the powder room so we measured it and now I have to do the drawings and send this in with the rest of the job.
Another thing I am trying to get done is a huge change order for the Sween job. This is the second house that the Sween's have done. We didn't do the kitchen in the second house though. We put in a beautiful master closet, all new interior doors, one-of-a-kind wine cellar, a gorgeous office and we also put stone in various areas of the exterior of the house, and redesigned the front driveway. This job is now done. There are several things that we did that have not been charged to the client. I have to compile all that. It is rather difficult on such a large job. But "Senior designer" tends to be such a tazmanian devil and does things without telling me, then at the end of the job asks me to put together the change order. Luckily, I have already done 4 change orders prior and am not completely and utterly behind, but I'm still behind. This is my priority tomorrow at work. Nothing else is important. I will finish the Sween change order tomorrow no matter what!!
So, how's that for catching up. It's only one day and I give you a novels worth of words. I'm going to go be brainless for 10 minutes and then time for bed.
-Until tomorrow.

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