October 12, 2005

"The Intimidator's" Birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARGE!!aka The Intimidator!!

This whole week has been really hard to get through. I'm just exhausted! I stopped drinking coffee cold-turkey. I didn't really plan it, I just kept forgetting my creamer everyday and now I'm like why bother, I'm so far into withdrawal it's just easier not to drink it. It really amazes me how addicted you get to that stuff. I don't even drink that much. I have maybe 1/2 cup. Maybe. I love having it with CoffeeMate French Vanilla Creamer!! I also like Cinnamon Vanilla Creme and Creme Brulee! I can't have my coffee without it. It is just heaven!
Work dragged by. I have tons to do and I got tons done, but I couldn't tell you what specifically (aren't you glad). I got off work at about 4:45. When I got home I made a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. It was for Sarge's birthday. J was in LA all day at a Dacor training. Dacor is a brand of high end appliances. He got home just in time to leave for small group.
Our small group leaders, Jeff & Kristin, just bought a new home. Tonight was our first time seeing the new place. It is so beautiful! Kristin did such a great job picking out the colors. It's so homey!!
We studied Hannah and ate cake and brownies. J & I just got home. It's time for bed.
-Until Tomorrow

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