September 21, 2008

The weekend in a nutshell...

Happy Birthday my sweet Jeremy! I hope you had a nice relaxing weekend! You are my world!

We had a weekend of roller coasters, trains and trolleys:

Friday night we went down to the Boardwalk. Lil'D was fascinated with the roller coaster. We watched it go until it got dark!

Saturday, we drove out to Campo and rode the train. Lil'D was in heaven!! We had dinner at Barrett Junction Cafe. It was really good, especially the hushpuppies.

Today, we took a round trip on the trolley. Every time we stopped to pick up/drop off passengers Lil'D would say, "Again, again." On the return trip, he kept saying, "pick up the people, bye-bye people."

We ended the day at Grandma & Pee Paw Ham's house. Lil'D has got to where he calls grandpa, pee paw. We had pizza, salad and birthday cake. Lil'D sang happy birthday along with us to Daddy. I was so impressed that he knew the words! He also helped Daddy blow out the candles. He kept everyone entertained and laughing. He definitely fits in with the Ham family...literally! Lil'D is such the ham already!! Daddy asked him to speak whale, and when he did, everybody laughed and he said, "Again!" His new phrase is "take your time." Everybody thought that was funny too, "Again," Lil'D would say!! The weekend was a really good one!!!

Here are the photos:

On to my Top 10 list:
Let me introduce you to Barb at A Chelsea Morning:

She is quite the lady! Super wife, super housekeeper, super cook, super crafty, super blogger, super mom, super grandma and I would imagine a super friend!! I really enjoy keeping up with Barb's life. She has a grandson, Cameron, who is 3. He has juvenile diabetes, and handles it incredibly well. She has a granddaughter, Avery, who is 6 months and is such a good baby. Barb keeps her everyday of the week and only has Cameron on Fridays. She just opened up a little shoppe a couple of months ago. She makes burp cloths, bibs, sock monkeys and santa stars.
She shares wonderful recipes and just enough of her life that makes you want to visit her everyday!
So here is the recap list of Elliemae's Top 10 blog reads: (in no particular order)
  1. Mique at 30 days

♥ Elliemae

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