September 22, 2008

One of my guilty pleasures...

I love to read about AndreAnna's life at Diary of a Modern Matriarch. She is hilarious!! I mean like, I just took a sip of coffee and I'm going to spray it all over the screen, funny!!! Read this, you will see why. WARNING, she uses profanity, but I still love her!!

She has a 2yr old daughter, Charlotte and a 10 week old son, Sawyer. She is THE super mom. Just read this post and you will understand why I say this. She lives in New Jersey and you can hear this accent on her videos.

So here is the recap for Elliemae's Top Ten blogs to read:
  1. Mique at 30 days
  2. Jenny at Daily Dose of Motherhood
  3. Barb at A Chelsea Morning
  4. AndreAnna at Diary of a Modern Matriarch

To be continued!!!

♥ Elliemae

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