September 26, 2008

Yeah, It's Friday...

Melissa at PinkPaperPeppermints is so much fun! I participated in her Crafty Flowers in 31 days. You can see my flowers here.

I love her creativity and I love that she puts a verse at the end of every post. I love all her pink too! She has been silent for over a month, so I am not sure what could be going on with her, but I know we all go through our blog breaks.

Elliemae's Top Ten blog reads so far:

  1. Mique at 30 days

  2. Jenny at Daily Dose of Motherhood

  3. Barb at A Chelsea Morning

  4. AndreAnna at Diary of a Modern Matriarch

  5. Kristin at Grace Violet

  6. Candy at Keeping The Home

  7. Shara at Monkeybox

  8. Melissa at PinkPaperPeppermints

To be continued tomorrow!!!

♥ Elliemae

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