September 30, 2008

America at Home...

You have got to check out iMommies post today. I won the Week 2 photo contest themed "Summer Vacations."

If you want to enter a photo in Week 3 photo contest themed "Back to School," please head on over to this post on iMommies and follow the directions and enter as many photos as you want!

I entered 14 photos and this one won:

So, what did I win? Let me tell you as described directly from iMommy:

“America at Home” is an amazing book of photographs that allows readers to take a peek into the homes and lives of…you guessed it…Americans! First, let me tell you a little about the book: It’s a large, hardcover collection of some truly extraordinary photos of families from all backgrounds, captured by both leading photojournalists and amateurs. It’s that ONE book for everyone on your shopping list…your closest family and friends, and those with whom you’re less familiar. With literary contributions from writers such as Matt Groening and Amy Tan, America at Home paints a personal portrait of home life in America in an artistically professional style. America at Home has offered to give away FOUR of these books, including custom covers, to iMommies readers! For the next four weeks, we’ll hold a themed weekly photo contest, and a winning photo will be drawn at the end of each week. The owner of the submitted winning photo will receive a free copy of America at Home, including a free custom cover.

Here is what the cover of my book will look like:

iMommies requested the real story behind this photo. Well, here it is:
Lil'D is Grandpa's 8th grandchild. Grandpa has been collecting and "playing" with trains for as long as I can remember. (long before Lil'D) It just so happens that Lil'D absolutely loves trains! He spends hours playing with his growing Thomas collection. Grandpa is the talk of their neighborhood and really wanted Lil'D to come over and play with his trains. It was a summer evening and Grandpa had the fountain running and the engine ready to go. All he needed was a little blonde boy who simply adored trains. As soon as we got out of the car Lil'D yelled "Train!" Him and Grandpa ran the train around and round. The train would derail and Grandpa would have to stop the engine and clean the track. When Grandpa would start the engine again, Lil'D had started cleaning the track just like Grandpa. As the sun was setting I captured this photo (along with 186 others) of Lil'D and Grandpa enjoying their evening of trains. Now everytime we go to Grandma & Grandpa's house it's "train, Grandpa, train!"

♥ Elliemae

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Jenny @ Daily Dose of Motherhood said...

Congratulations! The book sounds amazing, what a great idea!