September 25, 2008

I love monkeybox...

Everybody needs a monkeybox. What is a monkeybox you ask? Well, let Shara tell you in her own words:

"My Dad was in the produce business. And we had a pet monkey. At the end of the day he would bring home the culls - pithy oranges, moldy strawberries, mushy cucumbers - garbage. My Mom would pare it, trim it and cut it up and make it into a beautiful fruit platter, thus proving the old "Trash to Treasure" theory. And, that's what I do. Turn trash into treasure. Some of it I sell, some of it I keep, some of it I give away and the rest I swap for other stuff. "

And stuff she has! This is Shara and her son The Bean:

She finds the best stuff for the best deals. I have been reading her blog Monkeybox since March. I love seeing what she finds everyday! She calls her husband, The Husband and her son, The Bean. The Bean even has his own collection of stuff. I find this Shara's life interesting and entertaining. Not only does she find the stuff, but she re-purposes and re-finishes alot of it. She has taken us through her new refrigerator purchase, her trip to Van Buren and Fort Smith (my guess would be to Arkansas), shopping trips to Walgreen's and Target, replacement of her air-conditioning, and all her thrifty junking trips!!!! Here are a few photos of her stuff (including her cat):

I have found a new love for vintage things that I didn't have before I came across Monkeybox.

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To be continued tomorrow!!!

♥ Elliemae

1 comment:

Shara said...

Hi - Thanks for the nice words about my blog. I really appreciate such a loyal blog friend. I feel famous seeing myself on someone else's blog! I'm glad you apprreciate the vintage things in life more now.