March 6, 2008

This week is going by fast...

This week is going by really fast, work wise that's a great thing! House work wise it not great at all. I managed to get the countertop and the toilet cleaned in our bathroom. I still have to clean the floor and the shower. J cleaned everything in the guest bath except for the floor. We have stuck to the schedule with cleaning the bathrooms for two weeks now. Baby steps. That is what it is all about. I know a lot of people would think, big deal, you cleaned the bathroom. It is a big deal to me because J and I both work full time and every minute with Lil'D is so precious we don't want to do anything else but play and interact with him when we are not working. At 7:30pm, when Lil'D goes to bed, it is the HARDEST time to do any housework. All we want to do is rest and veg out on the couch and spend time together. House work just gets in the way!!! I am so lucky to have a husband like J. He goes in 50/50 with me on EVERYTHING! Cleaning, cooking, feeding Lil'D, bathing Lil'D, diapers, playing with Lil'D, picking up Lil'D, grocery shopping, ALL OF IT. He shares the responsibility with me selflessly!! He also plays on our men's church softball team and is the coach and plays on our church co-ed soccer team. These two activities are so important for him. It keeps him active and keeps him healthy, it gives him a stress-relief from work and life in general!

We also try to knock out a "project" of some kind on the weekend during Lil'Ds naptime. Last weekend we put up Lil'Ds curtains. This weekend we are securing the two bookcases to the wall in Lil'Ds room and we are also going to rearrange our entertainment center shelf to be more secure. Right now it is top heavy. We have a DVD player that stores 400 DVDs on the very top. This DVD player is about 9" tall. It's really heavy too. The bottom 2 shelves to this entertainment center are empty because Lil'D loves to push buttons. On the 3rd shelf from the bottom is the xbox 360 and the wii. Lil'D is pretty good about leaving those alone. He has discovered how the eject the game disks, but know that he will get in trouble if he does it. The 4th shelf from the bottom is our direct tv or dish network box and some other box. I don't know for sure, this is J's department. Lil'D can finally reach these boxes and knows exactly where the power button is and he will walk up to it and push it really fast and run away. He knows that he is not supposed to do this. But, when he pushed it last weekend the whole thing swayed. J and I didn't like the way that looked at all, so we will be changing it this weekend. On the 5th shelf is the stereo tuner, whatever you call it. It controls the tv volume and the surround sound. It is also about 9" high and hopefully by the DVD player going to the bottom, it will even the weight out and not sway anymore. If this doesn't work completely we will figure out a way to bolt it to the wall.

Back to workin' for the weekend!

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Kaydee said...

I am going to have to deal with baby proofing sooner than I can ever imagine! BTW - Missed you on Wednesday. Are you going to be able to come to the potluck next week? Hope so.