March 17, 2008

Boo on Mondays...

How is everyone on this beautiful Monday morning? It is a clear, crisp and perfect day here is southern California. Mondays are so hard to get through sometimes!! We had a really fun weekend!

after work I got my haircut and went shopping for a birthday present. Lil'D was invited to Lil'Rs 1st birthday party on Saturday. I found a fun Melissa & Doug wooden puzzle and a Thomas the Train book. I picked up Lil'D and finally walked in the door at about 5pm. Lil'D asked for yogurt and waffles. Why not? It was just Lil'D and I. My best friend, Chica, came over at about 5:30. We talked and played with Lil'D for a bit then went to Target. I had to get a gift bag. We scoped the toy isles with Lil'D and checked out all the Easter stuff. We found the cutest Easter baskets. It was so hard to resist all that Easter stuff. I only ended up buying bunny ears from the dollar area. I did good! Chica went home at 7:15. I gave Lil'D a bath and we watched our nighttime shows. Lil'D was out like a light. I stayed up til 12:30am. It was nice "me" time. I watched my tv shows, caught up on all my blog readings and read a little Chronicles of Narnia. I had survived the evening :)

morning Lil'D woke up at around 7:30. I took a shower, fixed my hair and got completely ready before getting him up. We had apple strawberry oatmeal and yogurt. This kid LOVES yogurt! I cleaned up everything from breakfast, packed a bag and headed out for a little Lil'D and Mommy time! We went to Toys R Us. Once we got to the cars and trucks that have push buttons on them and make noise. Lil'D was in heaven. We looked at monster trucks, ambulances, firetrucks and motorcycles. We pushed every button, pulled every lever and touched everything that would move. I managed to avoid the whole bicycle, tricycle, "anything that you could ride on" isle. I found an abacus for $9.99. Lil'D is so into counting right now. Lil'D left the store with no problem. We headed over to IKEA. I went straight to the kid section upstairs. He went down the slide about 50 times. He was laughing and giggling the whole time. There were two mean kids. One put his hand on Lil'Ds face and was pushing him back. I intervened. Another one stood in the way and wouldn't move. His mama made him move. There were also these really fun pod like chairs that would spin, a see-saw and a rockin' horse. Lil'D tested all these as well. He wore that slide out. He was still going while all the other kids had left. It was a very popular area. It was finally time for us to go and Lil'D wasn't happy about it. Once we got into the elevator he was ok. I got him lunch, got him home and then put him down for his nap by 12. That slide wore him out pretty good. I made a card for the birthday boy, got myself dressed and ready, and got Lil'D up at 2pm. I got him dressed and out the door. We got to the party at 2:25. Here is my little cowboy:

Lil'D was a little unsure of this. After about 20 seconds he was "all done." I'm so glad I got this picture before he got off.

Here's my little sheriff! Look at that cute little smirk on his face. He is such a ham when I have the camera!

We finally got a bandanna on him. If only I could have gotten him with the hat, the badge and the bandanna! You know how toddlers are, can't keep them still or everything on. We had a great time at Lil'Rs party. Lil'D and I headed home and played the evening away. Lil'D went to bed without any fuss. I wore him out with all the toys and horses! J finally got home at 11:30pm. J and his friend Merchant had gone over to Arizona to watch the Padres spring training. He won the trip on the radio! They sent them on a bus, put them up in a hotel and paid for a couple of dinners. A little mini vacation for him.

morning we all had a hard time getting up. Lil'D didn't even wake up until about 8. We went to Wal-Mart. Good 'ol Wal-Mart. The Easter bunny was there. Lil'D said hi. He said hi to everyone in Wal-mart. We ate lunch together and then went home and played with Lil'D. He was playing a lot by himself. He is really into pushing cars and trucks around. It's really nice that he can entertain himself. I put him down for a nap at 1:30. I had a little me time and was reading my new Real Simple magazine. I fell asleep for 2 hours. I must have been really tired because I do not like naps at all! I managed to get my grocery list done and my menu set for next week. We got Lil'D up and set out to Blockbuster and the grocery store. Lil'D got to ride in the carts with the car attached to them. He absolutely loved it and was entertained the entire grocery trip. We got Pick Up Stix for dinner. We used a coupon!! We are so into coupons right now!! We ate dinner, gave Lil'D a bath and then it was bedtime. Lil'D didn't get to bed till 8. J and I vegged out in front of the tv. We watched Awake with Jessica Alba and Hayden Christensen. I liked it a lot. I am not a Hayden Christensen fan. But this was a good character for him. He was definitely not worthy enough to play Anakin Skywalker! Anyway...we went to bed at 10pm. I'm not happy about that. I really wanted to get to bed by 9pm. I need sleep!

just got here too soon. Everyone is on Spring Break around here. The traffic was really light this morning. I was still running a half hour behind. I got up this morning at 5:50am. I HAVE GOT TO GET UP AT 5:30 tomorrow morning!!!! I've got to stop being late!!! Luckily, everyone at work arrives at 8:30am. I am the only one that gets there at 7:30, so no one really notices. My timesheet and my paycheck notices though. Senior Designer was preparing to go to Montana today. I had to get together some billing for him and print out all the plans he needed. He was meeting the client at the airport to fly out on his private jet. The client's private jet, that is. I gave Senior Designer invoices for $56,000. That is all for design time. We have five different projects going for this client and we are just billing him for our design time right now. MustardStone cabinets are about to be ordered. We are in the revision stage. Today is my long day. I can leave at 5pm. Off to get more work done....

~Until tomorrow

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