March 25, 2008

Blow out...

God is so watching over me. I took Lil'D to daycare and drove to work. As I was driving around looking for a parking space, my tire blew out. I am so glad that it didn't happen on the freeway! One of the guys at work changed my tire and put on my spare for me. I have 48,000 miles on these tires. I think I need four new ones.

At work I am working on MustardStone plans. I am labeling and dimensioning all the plumbing rough and finish valves. I am don't know plumbing that well, but I do my best. I really rely on the installers to help me out with this. The plumbing fixtures were ordered in 2005. (not by me) These fixtures were all delivered to the client's airplane hanger. It all finally got delivered to Montana last year. Because of the time span and how many times it has been moved, there are pieces missing. I will be working on this puzzle for a while.

I just had our big client call me personally to thank me for something I had done for him yesterday. This client has a condo by the beach-2 blocks from our office, a huge cabin in Wyoming, a huge condo in the works in Montana-MustardStone, a hacienda in Cabo San Lucas, a huge condo in the works in Cabo and now he is buying a home here in Southern California in a certain affluent area. "Senior Designer" had me call a particular school district to ask them all sorts of questions for the clients 2 boys in 1st grade and 3rd grade. They are currently living in the Cabo hacienda and want to get the kids back in school in the US. I emailed him all the info. I kind of did this with a bad attitude yesterday because that is not a part of my job description and why isn't the mother doing this. I did it because I didn't want to portray myself as a brat or too good to do certain tasks. The phone call made me feel really appreciated, especially that it was from the client himself and not from "Senior Designer."

That's my day so far. I get off at 3pm today. Here are my plans so far:

  • clean master bathroom countertop and toilet
  • clean kitchen
  • sweep kitchen
  • pick up everything in our bedroom
  • wash a load of clothes
  • make dinner
  • go for walk with Jeremy & Lil'D
  • in a perfect world I would like to go to bed at 9pm, 9:30 may have to do.

-Until tomorrow.

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