January 3, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Being in the home that I grew up in is so comforting. Lil'D & I have been having a very nice time. Here are the things that we have done:
1. Lil'D met his Great Grandmother on New Year's Day
2. Mom, Lil'D & I have gone shopping
3. We ate at Mike's BBQ (finally some real BBQ!)
4. Mom got to show off her Grandson at the bank where she works
5. We ate at Stacy's Deli
6. We went to Hobby Lobby (I could spend hours in this store)
7. We went to the Wal-Mart SuperCenter (I wish we had one of these)

I still have lots more I want to do. Here is that list:
8. Dad wants to show off his Grandson at his work
9. I want to eat lunch at Butcher Boys
10. I want to go shopping more with Mom (we live to shop together!)
11. I am going to see Ms. Adams (she was my twirling teacher, starting at age 5)
12. I have to go see some of my Mom's friends: Dorthy (she let us borrow the
pack&play and the highchair) & Ruth (she has been my Mom & Dad's neighbor for
28 years)
13. I want to go to Fred's (it is kind of like BigLots!)
14. I want to go out to eat with Mom, Dad & my brother at a restaurant!

That is all I can think of right now.
On Monday, Lil'D started eating peas. He has been eating them all week. He doesn't like them as much as carrots. On with the peas.
I miss J...alot! He helps me so much with Lil'D. Of course, that is not the only reason I miss him. I love him bunches and I misses his sweet kisses!!
I am off to try to find my Mom a razor case on Ebay. Wish me happy shopping!
-Until tomorrow

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