January 11, 2007

Vacation follow up

I tried posting this on Monday and my computer froze and I lost everything. I was really upset because I had typed up the whole story. So here goes again, if I can remember it all.
On Friday (Jan 5) I went to see Ms. Adams. She was my twirling teacher from the age of 5. We had a wonderful visit. I caught up on who was where and who was married and how many kids everybody had. She absolutely adored Lil'D. She called him DD. Those are Lil'D's first and middle initials. That night my Brother grilled steaks. We all sat at the table like a family like old times. It felt good. We had a really nice family dinner.
That Saturday (Jan 6) my brother got up early and trimmed the hedges and trimmed the tree in the front yard so you could see the house. He also raked leaves. My Mom went out and helped him pick up leaves. When my Dad got home from work at noon, we all got ready and went to lunch. We went to a restaurant called The Jalapeno Tree. It was yummy. After lunch we went to Lowe's. Mom got a leaf blower. After Lowe's my Dad & brother drove home and Mom & went shopping some more. It was a good time. That evening we all went over to my Grandmother's house. Lil'D and her got to see each other again. She loves keeping her house heated with the heater. It was so hot in her house. I thought I was going to pass out. That night I packed all my bags and was finally ready to go.
On Sunday (Jan 7) I said bye to my Brother and Mom & Dad drove us to the airport 2 1/2 hours away. Once we got to the airport it was nuts. The lines just to check in were crazy. I asked one of the curbside check in guys if I could check in there with an e-ticket. He asked me if that was my baby. He took us to another podium and checked us in!!! Wha-hoo baby!! I love this guy. I said bye to my parents and got in the security line. This time I had a little stroller! I had to take off my shoes again and break down the stroller while holding Lil'D. Super-Multi-Tasker that I am!!! One of the security guys helped me open up the stroller and I got Lil'D in the stroller. I put my shoes on and grabbed my bags and I was ready to go. I had to buy a bottle of room temp water because security made me throw out my water. I got to the gate and hit the first restroom I got to. If I wouldn't have had the stroller I don't know what I would have done. I changed Lil'D and was sweating like crazy after I was done. (hormones I guess) Anyway, they let me use the stroller all the way down the gate tunnel. I broke it down and Lil'D and I got in our seat. I put water only in one bottle (this would be for landing) and fixed a bottle of formula for take off. I was ready before anyone else got on the plane. People passed us and all I could think of was who was going to sit next to us? This lady and her husband were putting their baggage in the overhead and she said "Oh goody, I get to sit next to the baby!" I was so relieved!!!!! Yeah-I was going to survive this!!! It took about 15 minutes more to finally pull away from the gate. The lady, Jan, asked if she could hold Lil'D. Lil'D really took to her and liked her. I looked out the window and there were like 12 planes in front of us waiting to take off. It was going to be a while. Jan played and played with Lil'D. he played with her necklace and she sang to him. They were having a good 'ol time. The pilot said that it was going to be another 20 minutes because they had shutdown a runway because they thought a panel had fell off another plane taking off and they were inspecting the runway. Jan suggested I give Lil'D some water because he was getting fussy for his bottle. We waited on that plane for and hour and a half. It was 4 hours and 15 minutes since Lil'D had eaten. I felt so horrible but the water satisfied him and he fell asleep. I of course woke him up on take off and fed him his full bottle. He went right back to sleep. I even fell asleep. When I woke up, Jan had gotten my lunch for me. I was so glad, I was starving. Lil'D continued to sleep. He slept the entire flight. I survived. I managed to pack everything up. Jan blocked the way and Lil'D and I got off the plane with everyone else in our row. My stroller was waiting for me at the door of the airplane. Jan helped me put Lil'D in and we were off! I thanked her and we parted. What a blessing Jan was!! Thank God for Jan!!! She was an angel! I made it down the elevator and there was J!!! I hugged him tight!!! He got Lil'D out of the stroller right away and held him while the bags were coming. I got both bags right away. We got to the car and were out of there in 30 minutes!! Home at last. It was a long day already.
When I got home the house was spotless!!! J is so wonderful!! What would I do without him?
That's it. That was our trip! It was great and now it was over. Until next time! At least my parents and brother got to see Lil'D!
I already miss all of them!
-Until tomorrow!

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