January 21, 2007


Boo. Why does the weekend go so fast? Why only 2 days. I need more time. I stayed up till 3am last night just reading and uploading Lil'D videos. I got up and fed Lil'D at 7am. He went back to sleep till 9 and J got up and let me sleep. I slept till 11. We were very lazy. It really was a nice morning. We went to the grocery store at about noon. When we got back and ate lunch we realized we had forgotten about Celeste's birthday. Lil'D's daycare is having a birthday party for her tomorrow. She turned 4 last week. So we ran to Babies R Us to get a gift. We spent the rest of the evening playing, feeding, bathing then putting Lil'D to sleep. He went to sleep at 7:30. Wish I would have. I am working on an inspirational mini scrapbook for a friend. I only finished half of it. Sometimes I am just too detailed. J went to bed at like 8:30. It is completely quiet in the house right now. I'm the only on up. Even the cats are crashed out for the night. Why am I such a night owl? I always have too many projects going. But you know what? It has actually been awhile since I had a couple of projects going on that didn't involve cleaning, work or Lil'D. I know that the painting in Lil'D's room involves Lil'D, but that is different. That is a creative outlet for me. My inner artist coming out. I wish that weekends lasted 3 days instead of 2. (Then I'm sure I'd wish for 4)
-Until tomorrow

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