January 20, 2007

Great weekend...so far

I absolutely just live for the weekends! Yesterday, I got off work at 1pm. J took me to lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. It was just wonderful! After lunch, I stopped at Michael's to get some stencil paint for Lil'D's room. I picked Lil'D up from daycare and got home at 4:45. J was getting ready for his soccer game at 5:50. I fed Lil'D, this week he ate green beans. He has now eaten all the vegetables. Yeah, Lil'D. Next week we start on fruits...bananas first! Lil'D & I left and went to the men's church softball team dinner at the Elephant Bar & Grill. We got home at about 9pm. Lil'D went right to sleep, it was way past his bedtime.
This morning Lil'D didn't wake us up till 7:45. J went over to his brother's house to help him install wood flooring. I started painting the bolt in Lil'D's room. Chica & her sister came over w/MikeyMoo. MikeyMoo is Chica's sister's 18 month old son. They entertained Lil'D while I finished painting the bolt. Chica noticed that Lil'D has two teeth pushing through. I was surprised because Lil'D hadn't really been fussin' about it. After Chica left I went over to Auntie E's house to show J Lil'D's teeth. When I got back to the house, I traced the AFC west division champions on the wall. I didn't get very far because I had to start getting ready. J got home at 4:45. We got to church at 5:25. Scout was there by himself, Amy Jo was at home sick. We went to a birthday party. J barely survived because he was so sore from laying the flooring.
So that's it so far. Tomorrow we are relaxing and taking it easy. J wants to rest and do nothing.
-Until tomorrow

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