January 29, 2007

Plain old Monday...

Today was just an ok day. I worked on Barn for the majority of the day. I am working out details so that it can get ordered. My goal was to send one area a day to order. But that goal won't start until tomorrow. Here is my goal list to order Barn:
-Tuesday (1-30-07) KITCHEN
-Wednesday (1-31-07) BAR & BUTLER'S PANTRY
-Friday (2-2-07) OFFICE
-Monday (2-5-07) MASTER BATH
-Tuesday (2-6-07) POWDER ROOMS & GUEST BATHS
-Wednesday (2-7-07) LAUNDRY ROOM
-Thursday (2-8-07) WINE CELLAR
-Friday (2-9-07) HIS CLOSET
-Monday (2-12-07) HER CLOSET
-Thursday (2-15-07) INTERIOR DOORS

That's the plan. It will take 2 weeks to get all these areas ordered. After the orders are placed, the cabinet manufacturer sends us the working drawings for approval, then they go into fabrication. We've got a long way to go on this project...and the client wants to move into their new house in September. The concrete is being "placed" this next month. I don't think September is realistic. For our sake I hope the building of this house gets behind!
I left work at 4:40 and got home at 5:05. I was going to walk but realized it was getting darker faster because it was cloudy. So J & I made a trip to Costco. We needed water and formula. I was really hungry so we got Taco Bell for dinner. BAD, BAD, BAD!!!! I did nothing for the rest of the evening.
Nothing meaning, no house cleaning or projects that needed to be done.
I fed Lil'D squash and applesauce. He was a good boy!! J & I sat and played with him for a while. Then it was his bedtime. J & I just relaxed for the rest of the evening. I watched a little of the Miss America Pagent. It was really kind of boring.
Time for bed!
-Until tomorrow

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